Supply Status (Last Updated 11/19/2021)

The following is an update on the supply status of select Merck vaccines for direct purchase. Highlighted information indicates a change from prior memo. For all non-direct purchases, please check the status of your order with your respective supplier.

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Products available for order and with standard shipping will not appear on this memo.To place an order, please click Order Products or call the Merck Vaccine Customer Center at 1-877-VAX-MERCK (1-877-829-6372). For direct purchase customers who are wholesalers and physician distributors, please contact your National Account Director or call the Order Management Center at 1-800-MERCK-RX (1-800-637-2579).


Product NDC Package Size Status Notes
RECOMBIVAX HB® [Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)] - Adult Formulation 00006499500 10 mcg/mL - one single-dose 1 mL vial Temporarily Unavailable for Order Adult vial single dose formulation is not anticipated to be available throughout 2021.
VAQTA® (Hepatitis A Vaccine, Inactivated) - Pediatric/Adolescent Formulation 00006483141 25U/0.5mL - 10 single-dose 0.5mL vials Discontinued Package of ten (10) 25U/0.5 mL single-dose pre-filled Luer-Lok® syringes remains available.
VAQTA® (Hepatitis A Vaccine, Inactivated) - Adult Formulation 00006484141 50U/1mL - 10 single-dose 1 mL vials Discontinued Package of ten (10) 50U/1 mL single-dose pre-filled Luer-Lok® syringes remains available.

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