is pleased to announce a simplified ordering and payment system. The site has been redesigned with a customer-inspired focus.

Some of the updated features include:


Product Catalog
The product catalog has been redesigned to display much faster. You will still see the same product information, as always, and the faster catalog display should help you complete your order more quickly.



 Catalog screen

What's changed in the Catalog?

There is a "Show my price" link

Customers asked to have the catalog displayed faster. So now only the prices of the products a customer is interested in viewing in the catalog will be displayed. Please Note: When in the "Cart" and "Checkout" pages, the prices will remain displayed for the items selected for ordering.

 Show my price screen

Clicking in the "# Packages" quantity box

If you have not clicked on the "Show my price" link, when you click in the "# Packages" box, the system will retrieve your price for that product. There may be a slight delay as the system gets your price, but this will ensure that you see your price before adding the line item to your cart.

A pop-up after adding a product to the cart

This feature confirms that your line item has been added to your cart. It allows you to click “Check Out” and go straight to the Cart, without having to scroll up to the top of the page to find the “My Cart” button. If you wish to keep adding line items to the cart, you can click the “Continue Shopping” button.



The Checkout page has been rebuilt so that it guides you through all the required fields needed to complete your order.

 Checkout screen

What's changed with the Checkout?

There are six steps to the checkout process

These six steps will guide you through the process of entering all the required information needed to finalize your order.

"Payer Address"

Some customers have a different address for the entity who is responsible for making invoice payments.

A “Final Review” step

By checking the checkbox(es), you confirm that the order is correct and that you agree to the Merck Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. You can then click the "Place Order" button and your order will be submitted.


 Customer Payments Portal

Customer Payments Portal
Clicking on "Payments" in the top navigation will launch the "Customer Payments Portal." This Merck application will give you a full view of your account invoices, credits, and statements. You will have greater flexibility to search for invoices, download reports, and make payments.

 Customer Payments Portal screen

Customer Payments Portal

Clicking "Payments" launches the "Customer Payments Portal"

Merck is using the Customer Payments Portal system for all payment processing. This is a secure site that accesses your Merck invoice and payment data. Only you, and other members that you have authorized, will have access to your Merck Direct Purchase Account payment data.

“Pay My Bills” module

These are the open invoices and credits on your Merck Direct Purchase Account.

"Manage My Payments" module

This section allows you to search your payments by status (All, In Process, Processed, Exception), payment amount, payment method, and payment date. Choose the filter options you wish, and click the "Go" button. If you have a payment listed as, "In Process," you may delete it here if you wish to stop that credit card payment.

"Manage My Account Master Data" module

Here you will be able to add and remove credit cards that you wish to have on file for making payments. To add a credit card, click the "+" button on the right side of the "Credit Card" area of the page.

"Display My Account Statement" module

This section gives you the flexibility to view your Direct Purchase Account statement by status (All, Open, Cleared), posting date, due date, document date, clearing date, document number, or type. Select any of the filters you wish, and click the "Go" button to get your statement.

Export to spreadsheets

In the top right corner of all grids in the Customer Payments Portal, you can click on the "Export" button, and export the grid contents to a .xlsx file. This will give you the ability to open it in your own spreadsheet application..

 Export report screen


My Product Lists
A "My Product List" can now be saved from your shopping cart. Have a cart that contains your typical/normal order? You can quickly save that cart so that it is available for your future orders.

 My product list screen

What's changed with My Product Lists?

In My Cart, there is an “Add to My Product List” button

Clicking this button will allow you to quickly save this cart as a My Product List. If you order the same products and quantities frequently, you can save a My Product List for the future. My Product Lists can be added to the cart in one click, which speeds up your ordering process. Remember that if you need to adjust your order, you can always delete or update quantities in the Cart.



Other items of note
A few important things to know about the updated


What are some other changes for me to know?

Do I need to add a credit card to both the ordering and payments sections?

Yes. If you plan to use a credit card when placing an order, you will need to add the credit card to the ordering section. If you plan to pay Open invoices that were not charged to a credit card at order time, you will need to add the credit card to the Payments section, as well.

Do I need to delete a credit card to both the ordering and payments sections?

Yes. If you want to delete a credit card, you will need to delete it on the Ordering section and the Payments section.

Can I pay an invoice early for an order placed using a credit card?

You will not be able to do this online. Please call the Merck Vaccine Customer Center at 877.VAX.MERCK (877.829.6372) between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

Can I use a Direct Purchase Account credit to pay an invoice, where the credit amount is larger than the open invoice amount?

You will not be able to do this online. Please call the Merck Vaccine Customer Center at 877.VAX.MERCK (877.829.6372) between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

Why don't I see all my credit cards in the Payments section?

Your existing credit cards will be available in the Ordering section, but they will not be loaded automatically to the Payments section. You will need to re-add each credit card you wish to use in the Payment section before using.


We hope you will find these features helpful to your experience.